Baby Yacht Playsets

Baby Yacht Playsets for Children


Ship Dimensions: 6' x 12'
Floor Levels: 4' and 5'


Soft, salty breezes... the rhythmic roar of the ocean... the pounding of the surf at your feet... the feel of sand between your toes... Imagine yourself at the seashore with our new Baby Yacht!


This little boat play set offers plenty of space for creative play in your own backyard. Let your little sailors roam the upper andlower levels above deck until they are tuckered. Then hand them a book and let them nestle down for some quiet time in the cozy hold of the ship.

Pictured below are examples of outdoor playsets that just might be what you are looking for. Can't find the one you like? We can design one to your liking! Call us (419) 529-9887

baby yact wooden playset ship
Baby Yacht

Check out the playsets below!

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#901 Salty Breeze Ship Play Set

Let your children envision new worlds and escapades with the Salty Breeze Playset. They can use the Ship’s Wheel to guide the Yacht out of the harbor. When out on open water they can imagine the salty breezes as they whoosh down the 10’ Scoop Wave Slide. A dash up the Gang Plank and they can be back on deck around the Child’s Round Table and Chairs choosing their course or engaging in a game while the world laps by.

#902 Little Sailor's Delight Ship Play Set

Send your children off to sea with the Little Sailor’s Delight Play Set. They can test their sailing skills with the Ship’s Wheel, Telescope and Periscope. The Cargo Net and 10’ Scoop Wave Slide add fun to the journey. On deck, the Child’s Round Table and Chairs gives a place for them to share their provisions of food. While seated on the Sling Swings and Horse Glider, they can watch for dolphins and storm clouds. Your young sailors will have lots of opportunities to swap stories and songs as they roll along through play time.

#903 Fair Weather Friend Play Set

When the skies are fair let your children hurry into the sunshine with their chums to the Fair Weather Friend Playset. Their playtime can set out to sea with a run up the Gang Plank to the Ship’s Wheel and Telescope. While floating on a sea of bliss they can gather around the Children’s Round Table and Chairs inside the Yacht to sketch scenes of faraway lands. The 10’ Scoop Wave Slide leads back to port with its Sling Swings, Horse Glider, and Trapeze with Rings. This friendly Yacht and accessories opens a world of exciting possibilities.