Deluxe Sky Tower

Deluxe Sky Tower Playsets for Children

Tower Dimensions: 63" x 91-1/2"
Floor Levels: 5' and 7'

This extremely popular tower is a big brother to the Deluxe Watch Tower. The upper level (7' level) offers one standard opening and a possible 7' Climb opening. The lower level features up to three standard openings. Underneath is a large 5' x 8' sandbox. (Two flags are included with this tower.) Add a telescope and bring your budding astronomer out to enjoy a quiet, starry night.

Pictured below are examples of outdoor swingsets that just might be what you are looking for. Can't find the one you like? We can design one to your liking! Call us (419) 529-9887

Check out these sets below!

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#505 Golden Moments Play Set

Looking for deluxe sky tower set set that is still in your price range? Take a look at this set. It gives the kids plenty of fun options while still staying affordable. Change out the colors to match your backyard if you like.

#511 Deluxe Delight Play Set

Delights abound on this deluxe wooden swingset. Your youngsters will probably start by romping up the Gang Plank and swooping down the 14' Scoop Wave Slide. When they are tired of that, they are likely to tackle the challenging Rock Climb or the tantalizing swings. The sandbox will offer them hours of excavating fun within its roomy sides. Brighten your backyard with its delights this year.

#515 Astronomer's Workshop Play Set

Let your little astronomers romp all over this Deluxe Sky Tower Swingset. The lower deck is open, allowing for excellent nighttime views of the Big Dipper. Access to the tower is afforded by four unique accessories. A spiral "escape chute" ushers little star-gazers to ground level when it is time to go to bed. Three swings stand ready to take them heavenward upon their choosing.

#520 Love and Laughter Play Set

Lovely evenings of warm summer sun, soft laughter floating on merry breezes... Take in the fun as your youngsters. Enjoy the Love and Laughter playset from Play Mor Swing Sets. The 14’ Scoop Wave Slide issues a rush of adrenaline for little riders. A 4 Position Swing, 10' high, thrills little hearts with its soaring capabilities. Vigorous exercise awaits ready hands and feet.

#531 Backyard Beauty Play Set

Add some color and fun to your backyard with this Backyard Beauty Play Set! Have a fun picnic on the included picnic table then swing and slide the afternoon away on the four swing accessories and 14' scoop wave slide. Have some climbing fun on the 7' rock wall.

#535 Deluxe Supreme Play Set

This swing set is absolutely loaded. A carefully crafted Gang Plank affords easy access to the lofty Deluxe Sky Tower. A 7' Rock Climb challenges any youngster's climbing abilities. A 14' Scoop Wave Slide provides a quick adrenaline rush. The Monkey Bar Climber affords muscle-toning exercises while the High Ride swing attachment provides a ticket to hours of thrilling fun.

#545 Lovely Leisure Play Set

Add some color and fun to your backyard with this Lovely Leisure Play Set! Have a fun picnic on the included picnic table then swing the afternoon away on the four swing accessories which includes a tire swing. Take a fun ride down the turbo tube slide. Have some climbing fun on the 7' pipe climb.

#550 Happy Haven Play Set

Create a safe cove for fun and relaxation in your own backyard with this fine wooden swing set. The 10’ Height on the High Ride swing attachment is sure to provide plenty of swinging thrills. The Deluxe Sky Tower brings plenty of exciting opportunities for climbing and sliding, while the cabin below offer a happy haven for club meetings, tea parties and more.

#567 Afternoon Retreat Play Set

Provide an inviting haven for your family this summer with the Afternoon Retreat wooden swing set. Lazy summer afternoons just might get a little lively once this attractive swing set appears. Time will fly as your children race up the Gang Plank, through the tower and down first one slide and then the other.