Dream Castle

Adventure-Filled Wooden Castle Playsets for Children


Castle Dimensions: 8' x 10'
Floor Levels: 5' and 7'


This wooden Dream Castle playset for kids offers plenty of room for many an adventurous afternoon. The ground level measures 6' x 8' and features two arched doors and six charming windows. A 4' Ladder connects this level to the upper levels. The upper level (8' x 10') is divided into two sections: the Guard Tower and the Watch Zone.


The Guard Tower is the elevated enclosed section (5' x 5') in one corner and the remaining space on this level is the Watch Zone. The Guard Tower (7' level) offers one standard opening and a hidden climb opening for a 7' Rock Climb or Pipe Climb. A 2' Ladder connects it to the Watch Zone level (5' level). The Watch Zone offers two standard openings and a possible Climb opening for any 5' Climb. (A 5' Ladder is included for use in one of these standard openings.)


Add a Swing Attachment Beam of your choice at the Easy Ride and/or High Ride level and your Dream Castle playset truly will become the castle of your child's dreams.

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#931 Cozy Retreat Castle Play Set

Your young princes and princesses will enjoy the royal treatment of a Cozy Retreat Playset. When not busy with governing the affairs of the main floor playroom, they can run up the Gang Plank and find out what is happening around the kingdom from the Guard Tower attendants. The Steering Wheel, Telescope, Periscope, and Telephone help make their imaginations come alive. If action is needed, they can zoom down the Turbo Tube Slide to make peace agreements with the neighbors. The Child’s Round Table and Chairs is a great place for hosting grand banquets for all the lords and ladies. The Sling Swings, a Trapeze with Rings and a Horse Glider provide added entertainment for the young royals.

#920 Stately Abode Castle Play Set

Calling all young princes and princesses to the delightful Stately Abode Playset! Your youngsters will feel like the precious gems they are as they spend countless hours with this deluxe Dream Castle playhouse. Their imaginations will soar as they climb the Ladder to the Guard Tower area and use the Telescope, Periscope, and Steering Wheel or whoosh down the 14’ Scoop Wave Slide on some escapade. Inside the playhouse, with its Child’s Round Table and Chairs, just might become the popular place for them to spread out their projects and store their treasures.

#925 Snug Haven Castle Play Set

This cheery Snug Haven Playset can entertain your children with hours of creative play. The Dream Castle is pleasantly inviting with its six Flower Boxes, four Shutters and Flags. Upstairs they can keep watch over the yard with the help of the Periscope and Telescope. Sling Swings and a Trapeze with Rings are just a stone’s throw away from the bottom of the 14’ Scoop Wave Slide. Back inside, the Child’s Round Table and Chairs provides a great place for hobbies like drawing and crafts. Give your children’s playtime a regal twist.

#950 Happy Landing Harbor Play Set

Whether your children enjoy adventures on the high seas or prefer high class etiquette and castle life, this Happy Landing Harbor Playset is bound to please them all. A 10’ Bridge with Rails leads the way from the Youngster’s Yacht with its Ship’s Wheel and other navigating gear to the Dream Castle and its exciting Turbo Tube Slide. Nearby are the various swing options, a Seesaw, and your choice of one of three Tables. With so many creative accessories, your children will love to spend countless hours rambling around this backyard treasure.