King's Tower Playsets

King's Tower Backyard Playsets

Tower Dimensions:63" x 91-1/2"
Floor Levels:5' or 7'

Your youngsters will quickly imagine themselves heirs to a kingly inheritance once they step into this spacious tower. From its regal height they can gaze out over their vast backyard domain commanding everything in sight to jump at their command. (Never mind if it is only Sir Rover and Miss Cheshire that do the jumping!)

The 5' tower has four standard openings on the upper level, and the 7' tower has three. Both towers offer one possible Climb opening. On the ground level of this abode, your "king" or "queen" can choose a majestic dining hall or a royal hideout. Add some fitting exercise equipment such as the daring Trapeze Bar and you will truly have a playset fit for his or her "highness." (Available with a 5' or 7' floor level. A Ladder and two Flags come as standard equipment.)

Pictured below are examples of outdoor swingsets that just might be what you are looking for. Can't find the one you like? We can design one to your liking! Call us (419) 529-9887

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#705 Prince's Exercise Station Play Set

This Prince’s Exercise Station Swing Set creates an ideal play area for your adored youngsters. Gliding through the air on the Sling Swings and Horse Glider and designing little kingdoms in the sandbox are only the beginnings of a fun day in the great outdoors. The play set also includes a 12’ Gang Plank leading to a second floor play room with its fun Telescope and Steering Wheel.

#715 King's Cafe Play Set

Brew up laughter and good memories on the King's Cafe Play Set. This play set comes equipped with a toy kitchen where budding chefs can pretend to cook up whatever fun they'd like on the wooden range. The large upper story canopy makes a shady dining room for banquets galore. This set is perfect for the imagination. It's also great for action with a wavy Scoop Slide, two swings, a rock climb, and a rack of monkey bars. This dreamy play set is the best cafe in town.

#727 Crowd Pleaser Play Set

The Crowd Pleaser Play Set is full of fun for everyone. Acrobats will love the trapeze, cowboys will romp on the horse glider, and architects will go wild over building castles in the sandbox. Children can pack into the King's Tower for a shady spot to play with dolls or defend their clubhouse. The '14 Wave Slide is barrels of fun for the whole crew. Everyone is pleased with this action-packed play set.

#747 Regal Retreat Play Set

Going away on a summer vacation is loads of fun but with the Regal Retreat Swing Set, your children will be able to have special summer fun every day. They’ll enjoy the deluxe collection of things to ride - a Tire Swing, two Sling Swings, a Trapeze with Rings and a 14’ Scoop Wave Slide. The climbing options are a 7’ Ladder and your choice of either a Pipe Climb or Rock Climb. From their playroom with its Cedar Roof, they can scan the horizon with the Telescope or detour away from danger with the Steering Wheel. Let your children have summer long fun!

#751 Splendid Hideaway Play Set

What child doesn't what his or her own hideaway—clubhouse, cottage, or mansion? This Splendid Hideaway can be whatever your child dreams. It is a double-decker of fun. Cute windows peek out of the room that makes up the bottom floor. Built-in children's table and chairs make it feel like a real house. A safe, 12' gangplank leads the way to the second floor tower. The Splendid Hideaway is ideal for creative children who like to let their imaginations run wild. They can swing, and slide and pretend to their heart's content.

#754 Royal Hideout Play Set

Children love to have a playhouse of their own and a swing set with all its excitement. Help fulfill their dreams with the Royal Hideout Swing Set. This set has a cute playhouse with a Child’s Round Table and Chairs inside that makes a perfect place for tea parties. When tea time is over, the royal teddies and their guardians can step outside to enjoy Sling Swings, the Horse Glider and the Trapeze with Rings. If the young royals are ready for adventure, they can whisk down the Turbo Tube Slide. While waiting for their turn they can play with the Steering Wheel and Telescope or make an important call to the castle with the Telephone.