Cottage Tower Swing Sets

Tower Dimensions: 63" x 91-1/2"
Floor Levels: 5' and 7'

The Cottage Tower takes our very popular Deluxe Sky Tower and adds a cottage kit. The upper level (7' level) offers one standard opening and a possible 7' Climb opening. The lower level features up to three standard openings. Underneath is a large 5' x 8' sandbox. (Includes Cedar Roof with Dormers) Add a telescope and bring your budding astronomer out to enjoy a quiet, starry night.

Pictured below are examples of outdoor swingsets that just might be what you are looking for. Can't find the one you like? We can design one to your liking! Call us (419) 529-9887

Check out the playsets below!

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#605 Little Rancher’s Rest Swing Set

With the Little Rancher’s Rest Play Set your little ranchers won’t have time to rest! They will be too busy with their big backyard swing set, climbing up the 4’ Pipe Climb or the 4’ Steps, sliding down the 10’ Wave Slide, swinging on the Sling Swings and hanging on the Trapeze with Rings. When their energy begins to ebb they can head for ranch headquarters in the Deluxe Cottage Tower with Cedar Roof and Dormers where the Steering Wheel, Telephone, Telescope and Mailbox will help them oversee the ranch operations.

#611 Home Sweet Home Swing Set

There's no place like Home Sweet Home. Your children will want to return to this wooden play set again and again. The Deluxe Cottage Tower with Cedar Roof and Dormers will make them feel safe and loved. The four position Easy Ride Attachment beam with its two Sling Swings, Horse Glider and Trapeze with Rings will provide hours of swinging and talking time. Home is easy to get into, via the 10' Gang Plank or 4' Cargo Net, and easier to get out of via the 10' Scoop Wave Slide. The Small Tic Tac Toe, Steering Wheel, Telephone, Telescope and Mailbox add emphasis to the “Sweet” in this Home Sweet Home big backyard swing set.

#621 Golden Moments Cabin Play Set

Golden Moments will turn into golden hours and a golden childhood for your little ones. This wooden swing set is just packed with fun from the Cottage Tower with its Cedar Roof and Dormers to the 4 Position Easy Ride Attachment Beam. Imagine your children climbing up the 4' Rock Climb and zooming down the 10' Scoop Wave Slide. They will love the Kitchen Kit and Child's Chairs. Invest in a golden childhood for your children today with the big backyard Golden Moments Cabin swing set.