Voyager Yacht Series

Ship Dimensions: 8' x 18'
Floor Levels: 4' and 5'


Get ready for some grand adventures aboard the new Voyager's Yacht! Whether it be discovering new lands, commanding a fleet of mighty pirates, or a quest to find lost treasure, your valiant sailors will get lost in a world of daring expeditions.


Skillfully guiding the vessel..keeping a sharp lookout on the horizon...playing games on the deck...relaxing in the hold...there is plenty of work and fun for the whole crew!

Check out the playsets below!

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#905 - S.S. Discovery

Your children will discover amazing fun and adventures when they board the S.S. Discovery. Watch them run up the 10' Gang Plank or climb the 4' Ladder to the ships main deck where they can steer with the ships wheel and use the two telescopes to search for new lands. They will discover their imaginations as they play and pretend to be on Noah’s Ark, a Pirate Ship or simply relaxing on a beautiful yacht.

#906 - Captain's Cutter Playset

Give your little captains the yacht of their dreams. Whether they pretend to be on a big boat, pirate ship or Noah’s Ark, adventure awaits on the main deck with the Ship's Wheel, Telescopes and Child's Round Table and Chairs. They can get there by climbing the 4' Cargo Net, 4' Ladder or 10' Gang Plank. Exercise happens automatically when they fly down the 10' Scoop Wave Slide and jump on the Sling Swings, Horse Glider or Trapeze with Rings. The five Flags are included just for fun and color! They will have years of fun growing up with this beautiful big backyard play set.

#907 - Admiral's Launch

Your mighty sailors can scramble up the 4' Rock Climb and the 10' Gang Plank to the fore deck where the admiral peers through one of the telescopes and gives orders to the helmsman on the aft deck. They can sail the seven seas and glide down the 5' Turbo Tube Slide and the 8' Wave Slide, then swing on one of the sling swings, horse glider or trapeze with rings. Their adventures will continue for years as their imaginations grow, pretending to command a fleet of Pirate Ships or Noah’s Ark with the Admiral's Launch Wooden Swing Set.