So how does Rent-To-Own work?

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Our Rent-To-Own program, which we offer for most of our storage buildings, is a great way to spread out your payments over 36 months.

Here's how it works:

  1. You pick out your perfect storage building
  2. Figure out your monthly payment by dividing the cash price by 21.6 (cash price/21.6)
  3. Make a payment of three monthly payments (montly rent x 3)
  4. We will deliver your barn
  5. Continue to make payments for 33 months or pay off the building at any time

It's that simple!

  • No credit checks
  • No early payoff fees or penalties
  • No obligations. If you don't need the building any longer we will come pick it up.
  • Lots of payment options including credit card
If you are paying for a storage unit you are wasting your money! The average rental unit charge could pay for a nice storage building. Contact us with any questions.

make your rent to own payment here

Click here to make your monthly rent-to-own payment.